Christmas Week Dancers at SV Senior Center

Christmas Week  Dancers at SV Senior Center
Kudos to the line dancers who braved snow and ice to dance Christmas week. (We unmasked and held our breath for the picture!)

Sunday, January 22, 2023

Welcome to all our new dancers! It gets easier every week. 
Nice to have some guys in class again. 🙂 
Here is the tentative plan for this week. 

Tuesday, 1/24 
9am Slow & Easy 
Old Records - Elaine Cook 
* Forget You - Nicole Miller (new dance) 
Lucky Lips - Gary Lafferty 
Keep Up with a Cowgirl - Debbie Marschall 
Sway Mambo - Sunny Jeong 

10am Beginner 
Won't You Dance with Me- Brenda Holcumb 
Mixing Moon - Ivonne Verhagen & Sylvie Stumpe 
Southern Soul Bounce - Roy & Ira 
Blue Night Cha - Kim Ray 
Cucaracha - Hank & Mary Dahl 
Heads Carolina - Severine Moulin
Peaches & Cream - Peter & Allison 

Friday 1/27 
9:30 - 11am Line Dance Plus 
Come Dance with Me - Jo Thompson Szymanski 
Give Me Your Tempo - Nathan Gardiner
Heaven's Jukebox - Jose Miguel & Willie Brown 
Bosa Nova - Phil Dennington 
2 Stepping Away - Darren Bailey 
In the Morning Sun - Ivonne & Jose Miguel

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