Christmas Week Dancers at SV Senior Center

Christmas Week  Dancers at SV Senior Center
Kudos to the line dancers who braved snow and ice to dance Christmas week. (We unmasked and held our breath for the picture!)

Monday, September 5, 2022

Happy Labor Day! 
Here's the plan for this week. 
We will start Tuesday with a few easy beginner dances for all of 
our new dancers. Then we will do some regular beginner dances 
and end with an easy dance.

Tuesday, 9/6
Easy Beginner:
    Swingin' Thing - Jo Thompson
    Uh-Huh - Jo Thompson
    Mamma Maria - Frank Trace
NEW Ain't That a Kick in the Head - Kitty Russell
    Won't You Dance with Me - Brenda Holcumb
NEW    Havana Cha - Lily Ang
    Good Feelings - Fred Whitehouse
    To Be a Hippie - Kate Damgaard
    Looking at You Waltz - Judy Rodgers

Friday, 9/9
Line Dance Plus (Beginner/Improver)
    Come Dance with Me - Jo Thompson
NEW 2 Stepping Away - Darren Bailey
    Into Nightfall - Norman Gifford
    Storm and Stone - Maddison Glover
    Sleepy Eyes - Andrew & Sheila Palmer
    Amarillo By Morning - Ira Weisburd
    Better When I'm Dancing - Sue Jennings

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