Christmas Week Dancers at SV Senior Center

Christmas Week  Dancers at SV Senior Center
Kudos to the line dancers who braved snow and ice to dance Christmas week. (We unmasked and held our breath for the picture!)

Friday, August 19, 2022

We will continue our summer request & review classes for 2 
more weeks.
After Labor Day we will go back to our normal schedule of 
repeating our new dance for several weeks until we know it 
and hopefully will remember. ๐Ÿ˜Š

Here are the dances we have done/will do through August. 
You can look them up on for a stepsheet
and options for demo & teach. ๐Ÿ’ƒ

8/9 & 8/16 
Stroll Along Cha Cha - Unknown choreographer -  To Neon Moon 
Easy Tonight - Michelle Wright
Stop Draggin' Your Boots- Noreen Wall
I Was On a Boat - Trevor Thornton
Won't You Dance With Me - Brenda Holcumb
Rocket to the Sun- Maddison Glover
Happy Does - Hana Ries
Are You Missing Me? - Ron Bloye
Love Flow - Jo Kenyon
Wellerman - Gabi Schobloch

8/23 & 8/30 - I plan to add these request/review dances
Step Back - Bill Bader
Better When I'm Dancing - Sue Jennings
When You Smile  Jose Miguel BV
Havana Cha - Val Saari
Good Feelings - Fred Whitehouse
Strait Cha Cha - Sal Gonzalez
Broke - Michelle Wright
Head Over Heels - Wayne Beazley
Sexy Eyes - Gary O'Reilly
We're All Here  - Nicole Petrocelli

8/12 & 8/19
Cruisin'- Neil Hale
I Was On a Boat (Contra) Gwen Walker & Jenny Brown
Into Nightfall - Norman Gifford
Storm & Stone - Maddison Glover
How I Got to Memphis - Ira Weisburd 
Rio - Diana Lowery
Bicycle Waltz - Peter Heath
Sweet Sweet Smile - Fi Scott & Johnny Two Step
You and Me in the Country - Mary Lou Crowe (to Sangria)
Bosa Nova - Phil Dennington

8/26 & 9/2  - I plan to add these dances
Bonaparte's Retreat - Maddison Glover
Missing - Heather Barton
Sleepy Eyes -Andrew & Sheila Palmer
Waltz Across Texas - Lois & John Nielson
Good Time - Jenny Cain
A Love Worth Waiting 4 - Norman Gifford
Rum & Coca Cola  Hedy McAdams  
Feel Like Gold -Trevor Thornton & Janis Graves
Float Ya' Boat  - Ria Vos

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