Christmas Week Dancers at SV Senior Center

Christmas Week  Dancers at SV Senior Center
Kudos to the line dancers who braved snow and ice to dance Christmas week. (We unmasked and held our breath for the picture!)

Saturday, June 25, 2022

Week of 6/21 - 6/24
Sorry for posting so late.  The weeds in my yard detained me!

Tuesday 6/21 - Beginner

New: Until the Dawn by Gary Lafferty

Cold Heart byAndrico Yusran

All in My Heart Waltz by Kitty Russell  (arms added)

Texas Time by Lene Mainz Pedersen

Love Country Music Easy by Cathy Snow

All We Need by Norman Gifford

Peaches & Cream by Peter & Alison

Friday 6/24 - Line Dance Plus

New: Bicycle Waltz by Peter Heath

Back on Texas Time by Gail Dawson

Reviews:  Adios Cowboy by Tina Argyle
Tequila Strip by Carol Ann O'Brien
Summer Sway by Cody, Rachel, & Lisa
Tennessee Waltz Surprise by Andy Chumbley

Reminder: For the next 6 weeks we will be doing reviews and 
requests. Let me know which dances you want to review. You 
can look over older posts to refresh your memory.) 💃

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