Christmas Week Dancers at SV Senior Center

Christmas Week  Dancers at SV Senior Center
Kudos to the line dancers who braved snow and ice to dance Christmas week. (We unmasked and held our breath for the picture!)

Tuesday, December 28, 2021

It was a very cold day 💨, but 6 intrepid line dancers would not 
be discouraged! We ended the year dancing some fun Christmas 
dances and a new year's circle dance. Most impressive was the 64 
count "I'll Be Home for Christmas" dance. Prior to this we never 
danced more than 32 counts. Great footwork and brainwork! 💃🧠

Starting in January we will learn 1 new dance each week and 
review past dances. We will continue classes on Tuesdays 9:30-11 
at the Senior Center and Thursdays 2:30-4 at Redeemer Lutheran 

I am still waiting to hear about an additional class at the Senior 
Center, but nothing certain yet. I will let you know when I have a
definite day and time. Things move slowly at the Senior Center. 😅

Stay warm and healthy. See you next year! 🎊

Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Merry Christmas Everyone! 🎄
Kudos to all who braved the snowy, icy roads today.

Since I forgot my phone and dance plan for this morning, we just 
danced a variety of Christmas dances. We took a picture by the 
tree but it was so short we blocked it so we crowded together by 
the fireplace. Yes we broke the rules and took off our masks for 
the picture, but I told everyone "hold your breath." 😀

Hippo Christmas 
Feliz Navidad
Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree
A Holly Jolly Christmas
Jingle Bell Rock
Christmas Waltz
The Angels Cried

Saturday, December 11, 2021

It is amazing how much you have progressed in just 8 weeks! 
Great dancing! I know it can be frustrating learning a new dance.
It takes your brain some time to put down new pathways. But it is 
worth the effort. What you miss one week, you will get the next.

For the month of December, we will be reviewing dances we have 
already done. We will also do some easy Christmas dances.

Reviews/Dances from this past week: 

When the Sun Goes Down by Daniel Clement - When the Sun 
 Goes Down by Johnny Reid

Happy Does by Hana Ries to Happy Does by Kenny Chesney

Ah Si! by Rita Masur to We Wish You a Merry Line Dance 
by Johnny Earle

Feliz Navidad - choreographer unknown - to Feliz Navidad by 
Boney M

Rudolph Drank All the Rumple Minze by Michelle Wright
to song of the same name by Timmy Brown

Jingle Bell Rock by Patti Bullock to Jingle Bell Rock by
Blake Shelton

White Christmas by Christina Yang to White Christmas
by Human Nature

Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree by Barbara Shoda to
same named song by Brenda Lee ( done in a circle)

Christmas Waltz by Mary Chan to Til the Season Comes 
Around Again by Vince Gill (reversed to start on left)

Thursday, December 2, 2021

New class times.  For those of you who attend line dance class at 
Redeemer Lutheran Church, the new class time will be Thursdays 
from 2:30-4 pm starting December 9 & 16. Then we will have a 
break for the holidays and resume class January 6. We should be 
driving mostly during daylight with this schedule. 
Congratulations! You have completed the 8 Week Introduction to 
Line Dance class. We will build upon this foundation in the weeks 
ahead. For the next few weeks we will be doing reviews and easy 
Christmas dances. 🎄💃

New steps this week: Lindy, partial Figure of 8, and that 
frustrating scissor step. 

New dances:  

Little Red Book by Dee Musk to You're More Than a Number by 
the Nu Drifters

Happy Does by Hana Ries to Happy Does by Kenny Chesney 

When the Sun Goes Down by Daniel Clement to When the Sun 
Goes Down by Johnny Reid

(This was sort of a train wreck and we need to work on it again 
after the holidays.)

Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree by Brenda Shoda to 
Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree by Brenda Lee

(This was a modified version done in a circle. After K-step vine to 
the right twice and then Lindy right and left. Start over.)